Viber 2.2 for iPhone, Android Updated with Group Messaging, HD Calling

Viber has released the app version 2.2 for Android and iPhones. It has some good features including group messaging and improved call quality. The UI has radically improved that should be pleased Viber’s growing user base. We learned that Viber had exceeded 70 million registered users in May. But today they have 90 million users and also they have taken per month the number of text messages sent from 1billion to 2 billion.

Viber 2.2 for iPhone, Android Updated with Group Messaging, HD Calling

Group message shows group member’s thumbnail below the message preview. Latest sender also has the large profile picture on the left. You will be able to choose a fun background rather than the common white, and also can use messaging in landscape. Users will also be able to share their photo and name.

Viber newly released their beta apps for Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The group message features will be carried over in an update to Viber for BlackBerry. Android version will get nine other languages such as French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew and German.

Head on over to the site and install the app to get hooked up with Viber. A new smart noticed feature has added to make sure you are not bombarded with alerts. A system has implemented to speed up the process of starting a group message.

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