Track IP Address of who is Connecting to your Wireless Network

This is the world of internet, for every purpose people need internet services. Everyone depends on IM programs or social networks for communicating with friends. YouTube is an unavoidable service that helps you to listen music. We can share data through the service Google Docs and can send files with attachments via email. Actually no one likes to pay the excessive phone rates ADSL and wish to spend time to steal WiFi password of neighbors.

Track IP Address of who is Connecting to your Wireless Network

If you are worried that someone may be able to steal your wireless network, you need a Wireless Network Watcher for monitoring the situation. That is a small utility which scans the wireless network and displays the currently connected computers list.
The list of computers and devices which are connected to the network is as follows:

  • IP address
  • The MAC address
  • The company that produced the network card
  • The computer name (optional)

You can copy the list into the clipboard and paste into the spreadsheet application like Calc LibreOffice or excel in the format html / xml / csv / text file. The power of our downloading is significantly lower so it is very essential to find out the people who had stolen the advantages of wireless connection.

You will be familiar with the netstat command if you are penguin user then you can rely Auto Scan-Network. Enter in your router’s configuration page and monitor the connection to disconnect the user side.

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