How to Trace Website IP Address and Email IP Address

Each and every computer should assign a unique IP address when it access internet. For sending and receiving information it is essential to have IP Address. IP Address has the same importance of our home address. It is not such a difficult task to trace out the IP address of a computer. Let us see how we can trace it.

Trace Website IP Address and Email IP Address

Web site IP Address

  • Open a command console, which is called Terminal in a Mac and it is in the utilities folder. Click start button on a pc and go to accessories and then command prompt. This will ping any website to find out that website’s IP address.
  • Ping an address. This sends a signal to a URL.

Type “ping [URL]” – example: ping

  • Press return. The IP address should emerge near to website name and it follows the time rate of ping. For Facebook the IP address is It is numeric and written as four numbers and separated by periods.

Email IP Address

  • Open your email client to find the IP address of an email that sent to you.
  • Select the view menu and click on the option that lets you to view the headers.
  •  Select on of the IP Address from the received section and copy it to the clipboard. Then select and copy it  after that we can see that it is received from Then test to see the information is accurate or not.
  • Open a command console to run a whois check instead of doing ping on known address.
  • Type whois in your terminal and then press Enter. It will send out to a database and return with the registration information of the IP address.

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