Top 10 Most Playing and Popular Facebook Games 2012

Facebook is a social networking site with large number of users. The inventors of the game have great opportunities in Facebook. Almost all the users of Facebook have interest to play the social games. For increasing the users they make the games funnier. Here are top 10 games on your Facebook.

Top 10 Most Playing and Popular Facebook Games 2012

1. Farmville

This is the Facebook game for you. It has 11 million daily players and the number is increasing day by day. It is the game for those who loves farm animals and like management type games. There are a number of options in this game for you.

2. Word Challenge

This is the game for those who love language. Here you have to create 3 to 6 words from the given 6 letters as quickly as possible. Those who love the games Boggle or Wordle will also love this Word Challenge too.

3. Mafia Wars

This game has more than 25 million users and doing crime jobs for cash. The ruling family would be competing for respect in a fictional New York.

4. YoVille

It is like a virtual world on Facebook. You can visit and chat with your friends in the real-time. Do virtual work with our own apartment to get money to decorate it.

5. Bejeweled Blitz

This game makes people more addicted to this. And the name of the game comes from the house of PopCap Games.

6. Zynga Poker

This game has 18 million active monthly players. It is really a funny game, you can play well. This game is probably a no-brainer.

7. Know-It-All Trivia

For testing your knowledge this game pits you against your Facebook friend and boaster the size of your brain.

8. MindJolt Games

It contains a number of puzzles, sports games, arcades and strategy to play alone or with your friends.

9. RestaurantCity

This game continues in the casual games like Diner Dash from the popular casual game developer Playfish Games. For becoming the talk of the town you start your own food joint and customize it and at least compete with the other restaurants.

10. Biotronic

Biotronic is a Facebook puzzle game that offers a biotechnological twist on the game. Easy mouse control, artful animations and exploding combos are the features of the game Biotronic.

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