Top 10 Missing Features and Applications in Facebook

The social networking site Facebook has billions of users and it connects them around the world. Due to the great features of Facebook it becomes very popular than the social network Google+ in a short life span. By installing a third party application you can add extra features to Facebook.

Top 10 Missing Features and  Applications in Facebook

Let us see some features that Facebook failed to include. You can get them by installing.

1. Like Journal

It is an application on Facebook. We can sort all the likes of Facebook Fan Page.  By showing all likes that you have linked from different fan pages you would be welcomed. There is an option to follow your friends like feed while they have installed this application.

2. Circle hack

Google+ has implemented this feature for creating friend list as your circle. The same feature in Facebook is called Lists. You can customize your friends through Circles.

3. Facebook Spectrum

We can download it in a PDF format. After the installation it will give you a bird’s eye view of your friends like where are they located on the Google map. The friend who has a large number of photos and albums and the friends those has your same likes.

4. Facebook Symbols

You can add special symbols on your Facebook statuses. You need to bookmark a Java script for this function.

5. Face Infected

It is the feature for protecting your Facebook account from malicious programs. It is very common that the Facebook is being infected by viruses. This feature scans your complete Facebook profile and protect from the viruses.

6. Past Posts

This feature helps you to recollect your past memories and the old writings on your wall. It sends you the past memories and status messages through email. It is really a wonderful feature in Facebook.

7. PicknZip

This is the feature to download images from Facebook at once. Generally we can’t download all the images at once. By using this feature you can download your tagged images and image albums together in a zip file. You can also download only the selected images by using this application.

8. Like button

This is the Facebook feature that shows the shared and linked content of your friend. It is the means to share the content around the web.

9. Pretty Slide

For creating slides on your Facebook album you can use the pretty slide feature of Facebook. We can create the album as a slide and can assign a good style for slideshow. After creating a wonderful slideshow for your album then you can share it to your friends.

10. Booshaka

It shows the hots in the Facebook. There are a number of trends categorized then you can see the entire trending topic by this feature.

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