Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops for the year 2012

Alienware M18x

It is one of the well built gaming laptops. That has high-end features such as Intel core i7 processor, GTX 460 video card etc. The outer design of this device is really eye-catching and it is bulky than any other gaming laptops.

Asus G74SX

The gaming laptop The Asus G74SX comes with Intel Core i7 Processor, 12GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 56OM Memory card. It is the best gaming laptop in the market. Live chat support system is not so strong in this system, that is the only drawback we can point out in it.


For beginners it should be the ideal one. It has 560m video card and 12 GB RAM. It is lightweight and has high-end features. To bring the best, needs some hard work.

Asus G73SW

Here is another Asus, Asus G73SW is its next product and it is introduced after the success of its first gaming laptop. It runs 8GB of RAM and has a 1TB hard drive these are ideal for the users or gamers. The mid range processor of the device does not compliment the high end hardware and the 8GB RAM.

Alienware M17X

It is the highly demanded finest laptops in the market. It has a large display screen and great audio quality but it is not so good the battery backup.

Alienware M14x

It boasts the powerful processor and the features such as i7 processor and RAM. You can acquire a thrilling experience in gaming with this laptop. The screen size of this device is quite small.

Origin Eon17

For the gamers the Origin Eon becomes ideal with the features 460m video card and i7 processor. The battery backup of this device is not much better. Before will it check all the parts.

Falcon Northwest TLX

It is generally thin in size and it is the main point of attraction of this device. It has i7 processor and high end video card. These features help to make your gaming experience better.

Alienware M11x

Well-built system and portability are the best features of this system. It helps to determine the performance of your laptop. So you can use it wherever you like.

MacBook Pro

This is not the last one, it has the fastest option in it. It is a best gaming laptop among the other. The active switching video processing is the main part of this product and helps to save power.


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