Top 10 Best Gadgets We’ll Still Be Using in 2013 and Later

Can you imagine a life without technology? A life without technology would be very difficult. For each and everything we need help of technology. So, technology is changing every year. Here are some old gadgets those you will love next year.

1. Monitors

You need to have a full-size monitor or one or two if you want to use a laptop all day. If you need more pixels then you must grab two 1080p screens for you. It is available several monitors in the market. There is a 23-inch display with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 at $130 and for $150 you can get an LED-backlit monitor and monitor with 1920 x 1200 resolution is costs $300. We can expect more touch screen displays in 2013.

Monitor Gadget

2. SSDs

The Solid State Drive on your computer will help you to load things to hard drive without wasting time. The fast 240GB model SSD costs $150 and $100 is for the 128GB unit. The new model SSDs will not be much faster than the SSD now we have. SSD needs only a few seconds than hard drives to do things.

3. Windows 7 Notebooks

The new Windows 8 notebooks offer better performance and new Start-button-free UI and touch-friendly features. Now each and everyone needs windows 8 machine and the demand of windows 7 models being reduced since the launch of windows 8. You can buy a windows 7 and can upgrade it later at $40 or less.

4. 7-inch Media Tablets

There are three outstanding media tablets at $199 such as Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, or Barnes and Noble Nook HD. These are suitable for those who prefer high-profitability and low- cost tablets. The iPad Mini will launch within a few weeks with a 7.8-inch screen. The latest version of these tablets will launch in 2013. Those should have speedy CPUs, high resolution screen and long battery life.

5. The iPhone 5

IPhone 5 is phone by Apple with large screen and 4G LTE. They resign the device twice in every year. The new Apple phone in 2013 will be iPhone 5s with some minor twists. If you want to purchase a windows phone or Android handset then there should be some key products including Nokia Lumia 920 and next generation Nexus phone.

6. eReaders

Here are two premium eReaders such as Nook Simple Touch ($99) and Kindle ($69) for those who like to read on a bright sunlight or the darkest room. The eReader lines of Barnes & Noble and Amazon has been refreshed past few weeks. There is a chance to launch color eInk readers by the company but now it is not so attractive.

7. Set-Top Boxes

Roku box and Apple TV are the two inexpensive set-top boxes to stream your favorite content to your home theater from the web. The main feature of today’s set-top boxes are output in 1080p. You need to use Apple’s device if you are using iTunes. To stream from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other video channels you need to have Roku 2 XS at $99. That offers a USB port to connect local storage.

8. Printers

It is better to have an all-in-one or decent quality printer than any other. The HP Laserjet 5P is really a strong printer. To print high-quality color photos you need to have an image quality printer. The color laser would be better for you to print high-quality color photos.

9. Keyboards

Today there are a number of innovative features in gaming keyboard. It contains programmable keys to bright backlights on the color LCD screen. The Rosewill RK-9100 or Unicomp Ultra Classic will be better for those who need to improve the typing experience.

10. External Hard Drives and USB Keys

Sometimes the external SSd will get cheaper in the next few years. You should get a simple USB 3.0 drive and wireless hard drives to improve speed to load data so, it will make it easily and quickly.

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