How to Watch Blu-ray Movies on PS3 (PlayStation 3 ) – Step by Step Instructions

Blu-ray Movies on PS3

The PlayStation 3 is a media center. That allows you to playback of games and film on Blu-ray. Here are the steps to play them on your console. Let us see how it can be done. Instructions 1. First of all, Insert the disc into your PS3. 2. Go to Read more

How to Convert YouTube Videos to mp3 Music – Step by Step Instructions

YouTube Videos to mp3 Music

It is good option to download videos from YouTube and convert it to an audio format. Do you know how to convert YouTube video to mp3? The TechieTake prepared this tutorial to teach you how to convert YouTube video to MP3 in step by step. Free YouTube Read more

How to Get Wireless Internet – Complete Instructions

Wireless High Speed Internet

The wireless Internet is now common and becoming very popular. All are now choosing the Wireless Internet because it is very easy to use without the wires. Now you can also have it simply. Here are some steps to how to get wireless Internet. Get Read more

How to Protect iPhone from Theft – Complete Instructions

iPhone Security

You may think that the expensive iPhone is safe. You have been setup Apple’s Find My iPhone app. One of the easiest ways a thief can be blocked Find My iPhone’s abilities to situate your iPhone is to just switch off the phone’s location services. Read more

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Device – Instructions

Adobe Flash Player on Android Device

From Google Play it is unable to get Adobe Flash, so we need to install it manually and it is easy too. Let us we can see the ways or how to install Adobe Flash player manually on your Android tablet or phone. There is some risk of running the now-unsupported Read more

How to Run Ubuntu on an Android Phone – Instructions

How to Run Ubuntu on an Android Phone - Instructions

The world’s most popular mobile operating system Android features an application framework. That comes with more than 10 pre-installed applications. That will add to the functionality of the Smartphone. That lets the user to add and replace obtainable Read more