How to Build/Create/Develop a Facebook Application

How to Build Create Develop a Facebook Application

Developing a Facebook application is not an easy task and should consider with the same or similar depth as a new website. It is the time to take your business or idea to a social networking level. We can conceptualize what you want to get or Read more

Digg Released New iPhone app Version 3.0

Digg Released New iPhone app Version 3.0

The Digg iPhone contains all the features of native iPhone such as login and digging, jump to any topic, pagination, and story scrolling. This application offers a better way to share and discover Digg content. It voted some best contents to the web. Read more

How To Download And Install Viber App On Mac OS

How to Download Viber App on Mac OS

Viber, developed by Viber Media, is a registered Smartphone app designed for instant messaging through VOIP or Voice-Over-Internet Protocol. Its beta version is accessible to the users and the Linux version is on its way to be launched. At present Read more