Which is Better in Campus, Tablets vs Laptops

Tablets and Laptops have a number of merits and demerits in its functionality, price etc. In terms of functionality laptop is better than tablets. But the tablets are cheaper and lighter. The laptop is best for the multitasking program and they have more options like writing papers and using spreadsheets, so you can get the work done in an easy manner.
Which is Better in Campus, Tablets vs Laptops
Prices and Quality
If you have already a PC in your home and the budget is limited the tablet is the better one for you. A high priced iPad is giving more value than a same price ranged laptop. You have to understand about the limitations of inexpensive laptop. Inexpensive netbooks have a number of complaints such as freezing, crashing slow and multitasking.
Full sized keyboard is better than the touch type. You can get a wireless keyboard for a tablet. Touch typing is more time consuming process.
Taking Notes
The tablet is better to take notes from the class because the laptop with a full sized keyboard is not as good like a tablet. It has two merits that are keyboard cases and note-taking apps. The laptop and netbook have more functionality and portability. The notebook doesn’t give full sized keyboard. Belkin and Kensington, the manufacture of the tablet offer Bluetooth keyboard. It helps to take notes in a perfect manner. This function is turning a tablet into a laptop priced $100. You can adjust the angle of it by keeping it on your lap. For future reference you can able to take down the notes and store the data with the help of note taking app.
The acceptances and use of e-book have started in the colleges and universities. If you are using a tablet this is good news. With an e-book reader or a tablet you can read in a bed or on a bus in the time of travelling in a comfortable manner. But reading on a laptop is not comfortable as tablets. In a crowded area we can’t use the tablet in a comfortable manner. But if you have to copying a paragraph or a quote into a paper and you have to view the birth city of the author on a map or researching his biographical information, it is better to use the laptop.
The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 can display two windows at the same time that has released in 2012. The third generation iPad keeps one app in an active mode when you switch to another. You can’t see more than one app at a time. The laptop is better to multitask than the tablet. The tablet allows you to multitask but tablet doesn’t.

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