Sony Xperia Mint LT30p Leaked and Specifications Revealed

Sony desires to go in the way of Samsung and they are thought to deliver products in every segment after the launching of Android Smartphone. The high-end Smartphones with ICS power have in the portfolio of different companies such as HTC, LG, and Samsung, from this group how Sony has been residual?

Sony Xperia mint LT30p leaked and specifications revealed

The Sony Xperia mint LT30p has some special characteristics. Its Smartphone features 1GB RAM, 1.5GHZ Qualcomm S4 processor, 4.3-inch 720 display it will show images more like a 4.6-inch and it has 13MP camera too that specifies according to the report of Mobile review. The front camera, MicroSD card support and internal memory of 16GB are the features will come with Android 4.0.

Jelly Bean is a newly invented operating system of Android 4.0. They hoped to see it on the devices at the time of launching. The specifications to be good even if the design of Smartphones does not look like the existing one. At the IFA trade fair we can expect to see Sony Xperia mint LT30P because now there is no word about the actuality launching of it.

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