How to Secure MacBook or Laptop Data – Tracking Software

Sometimes your MacBook or Laptop contains personal data. There is a chance to lose data in certain cases. People may steal your data for any purpose that might be a trouble. In those cases there is a question arise How to secure laptop data from theft? This article will introduce you about some sound methods for that.

The cell phone which carries tracking features will be helpful to you. At the time of replacing the SIM card it sent out to the pre-configured phone number about its location.  Software like tracking is also available for laptops. Laptops store its current location to a cloud based database when it connects to the internet.

Secure Macbook Laptop Data Tracking Software

From the hard disk of stolen laptop we can erase data is another paid service to assure security. If you are in search of something that is reliable, I would suggest Prey. At the moment you mark it missing in Prey’s online dashboard the software starts collecting data about the location of the laptop. You can then contact the police to reclaim the laptop and can check out the data in it. You have to download and install Prey before you can use the service.  It is available for Mac OS X, Windows and other platforms too. It has a free version as well as some paid plans too. In their tweet, they clarified that there is a free version. Prey is also open source software. It is very easy to get anyone and can do whatever they want. We offer a free-for-lifetime plan, you can track and test Prey on up to three devices.

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