Mobile Phones Health Risks and Dangers

In this modern society we can’t live without a mobile phone. We spend a lot of time on a cellphone. Is this cause health problem? Yes!

The usage of mobile phone makes the health problem because of the radio waves that coming at the time of switched on the mobile. The very basis of cell phones carries voice through radio waves.  The contact with the radio waves increases many when you are talking on the mobile phone. There are many disadvantages of using mobile phone especially it related to the health. There are many diseases such as cancer, the danger of using mobile phone still existing and it will exist forever. In this article we can see the different diseases and dangers of using mobile phones. First of all we can examine the hazards of living in areas having cell phone towers. Mobile Phones Health Risks and Dangers Cell phones are not really a danger one but some researchers have found that living in an area with high frequency telephone towers can cause cancer. According to a study conducted by ITAS (Indian Thermal Analysis Society) says that three cancer patients were found in the Usha Kiran Apartments that stands near the cell phone tower named Vijay Apartments (Carmicheal road, Mumbai, India). A well-known Indian midday newspaper carried this article on the issue of Usha Kiran Apartment patients suffering from cancer due to the mobile towers. The ITAS concludes that people living within 50-300 meter radius of cell phone towers are causing many diseases because of electromagnetic radiation. This conclusion tells that the acceptable radiation is 9.2Watt per square meter in India. The “danger zone” is different for other countries based on their acceptable standers of radiation. It is 580-1000 Micro- Watts per square centimeter for the US. The people living within 2 to 2.5 miles in the radius of towers are in the danger zone.

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