How to Stop Shockwave Flash Crashing in Google Chrome

You may have used the Shockwave Flash plugin crashing in Google Chrome. In this article the experts explain how to prevent Shockwave Flash crashes in Google Chrome. Other browsers have their own version of Adobe Flash Player. Other web browsers need to install the Adobe Player if you are running with that.

How to Stop Shockwave Flash Crashing in Google Chrome

  • If you want to check the Google Chrome’s configuration you have to enter the words about: plugins into the address bar.
  • Then press Enter. A page of information will be seen there and the whole plug-ins now configured within Google Chrome.

You have to install more than one Flash plug-in if you are using two or more files.

  • You will see the word “Details” at the top right of the page.
  • To make known more information click the plus sign next to this.
  • Next to Location it will list the filename of each plug-in.
  • Under the User Folder you can see that one is stored (AppData\Local\Google\Chrome).
  • This is Chrome’s integrated plug-in.
  • We can see other under ‘C:\Windows\…’

Depending on the version Windows the path name used will differ. One is stored with Chrome’s application data. The second one we can see in a Windows system folder. These two files offer a Disable link.

  • By clicking Disable on the other one you can select the player you need to recall.
  • Now the Chrome uses your PC’s enabled version.

Try going back to about: plugins if crashing behavior continues. Select to use the other Flash player.

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