How to Secure Files and Folders in the Windows Start Menu

In windows the Start Menu has lots of features. The next version will include a number of shortcuts and options. The following tips will show you how to attach folders and files on start menu. Check out the tips.

Step 1
First of all, you have to find the particular file or folder which you want to fix on the start menu. After that drag the items onto the menu then wait a minute.
Step 2
The menu will open and then choose the place to fix your item. While seeing the option fit then drop the file or folder in that location.
Step 3
After completing all these procedures, in the start menu you should have a new file or folder. You can take the file from start menu with two clicks.

To remove the file right-click on the file and select the option “Remove from this list”.

Note: in the start menu files and folders can include in a specific area above the list of frequently used programs. To add new element you can choose the best position if you have more than one item.

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