How to Prevent Unwanted Photo-Tagging by Facebook Friends

Tags all around. When you signed in Facebook you see tons of pics in which you were tagged. Seems irritated, right? Now, there is a good solution. Check it out.

Tagging is one of the main features in Facebook. This is used to tag anything that we posted, that may be photos, updates or comments. Sometimes it may feel like a bad function due to awful tagging. All the tagging updates go straight to Facebook profile and shows a notification in news feeds. There is a thing for surprise; we found the terrible pics that tagged ourselves.

Unwanted Photo-Tagging by Facebook Friends

I landed over ‘Privacy Settings’ while searching for a solution. From there I had got solutions for my problem. I adjusted my profile visibility (‘Maximum Profile Visibility” privacy setting) that limited other people’s influence on my tagged photo through my profile/timeline. You can use the same function to clear this problem. Let us see how to prevent or restrict unwanted photo-tagging by Facebook friends.

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  •  Choose ‘privacy settings’ from the drop-down menu located on the top – right of the Facebook Home page.
  •  Then choose ‘Edit Setting” option from ‘Timeline and Tagging’. It will control the function when your friend tags you or your content or post.
  •  Click to edit the ‘Who can see post you’ve been tagged in on your timeline’  setting from the window that show up on computer screen.
  •  Choose the audience to whom you would like to make visible the posts you tagged from the drop-down menu.
  •  You can turn on the ‘Profile Timeline Review’ to adjust settings more. Photo tags that friend is added to your timeline can approve or reject from here.

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