How to Migrate or Move Mail from Gmail, Yahoo And Others to Outlook

The last months were filled with a lot of news and announcements from Microsoft. Microsoft has taken more steps to make everything appear like Windows 8’s interface. Now the metro style is available for your mailbox also, the out is the thing. It is fully included with the old services and the Redmond giant has a fresh interface and many features. If you liked the Outlook, transfer all your old mail to the new server. When somebody sends an email again to you in the old Gmail account, Yahoo and others you can be checked all the Microsoft services.

All old letters will also archive in Outlook with this process. Although, according to the company this may be taken more hours or a whole day to fish.
Step 1
• Log in with your ID Microsoft. Otherwise you can use it to login to Hotmail.
• Click the Outlook settings in the upper of the screen. Then select the option “More e-mail settings.”
Step 2
• Now you can see the settings for account management and some others.
• Select “Sending / receiving mail from other accounts.” To continue.
Step 3
• Now on top, you can be seen your email address in bold letters.
• Then select “Add a mail account.” Wait for the page load.
• Now you will redirected to the old Hotmail interface. In it you should enter the account data you need to import the message.
• Enter your address and password then click “Next”.
• Wait for a moment and ready to face a few problems in this part.
Even as we produced this tutorial, the function was unavailable for several hours. Then we made another attempt after much waiting and everything went well.
Step 4
• Now your Outlook must be ready to synchronize with your Yahoo, Gmail or other services that make use of the POP3 protocol.
• Choose the place, where the new imported messages must be saved.
• You can specify a new folder that is already created in Outlook.
• After that select a bookmark and click “Save.”
Note: The import function in Outlook e-mail may face some difficulties. So you make other steps after a few hours if you can’t complete the entire process at the first time.

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