How to Make Windows 7 Start Menu with ViStart in Windows 8

Start8 by Stardock offers the option to add a classic Windows 7 similar to start menu or a Windows 8 start menu, to bypass the start page of the operating OS completely and to load Metro apps correct from the start menu. ViStart is a great alternative. Configuration and setup back are complicated if it involves manual modifications to the taskbar to correctly make parallel the start menu orb on it.

How to Make Windows 7 Start Menu with ViStart in Windows 8

The developer of the program has enhanced the start menu program. Without interaction the latest version was released should be handled the configuration on its own. It is noted that ViStart installer includes two third party offers. Those are not necessary to run the program on your system. If you don’t want to install those offers on your system ensure you click on turn down.

ViStart adds to Windows 8 a Windows 7-like start menu. The menu on first looks similar to the default menu. There are several differences that is you only find desktop applications scheduled in this start menu as Start8 features Metro and desktop apps. Opening the start page of the Windows 8 you may  run into issues, Windows key has mapped to opening the desktop start menu. There is a link to the Windows Store but no director shortest link to the start page itself. You can use the start page link or Charms bar link located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

ViStart or Classic Shell brings back the functionality to Windows 8. These programs work under all current versions of Windows. Otherwise prefer Start8 over ViStart right now.

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