How To Get Android Mobile Notifications in Windows Desktop PC

By your mobile device your work on the computer may interrupt in certain cases. So you have to mute your phone. If you need text or call the DeskNotifier will send notification to your windows computer through your Android device. Let us see how to use it.

1. Install the Android app here and the Windows app here and download them.

2. You have to direct how to turn on in the accessibility settings if you are using the Android app at the first time. Else you can operate this, it is an easy operation.

3. You have to care of bookkeeping while you run the Windows app at first time. It is about the language you prefer and start app at launch.

4. The IP address of your Android device should have to enter every time you launch. You can use a USB cable to do that but it is not applicable in all devices. The Android app will list it at the bottom of the main screen.

5. If you do all the functions then it starts to get notifications on your desktop. You can clear it easily and it doesn’t take large space because it is so small.

6. You can reply to the notifications from your desktop. You need a single click on the notification to replay if it is a text pops up. To send new text, right-click on the DeskNotifier icon and select New SMS icon.

To avoid temptation the DeskNotifier is handy for people. It is needed for those who want to dive into the text conversation without alerting the boss.

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