How to “Flush the DNS” on Android Devices and Phones

To print out the internet connected Smartphone and computer, maintain the domains and record of the IP address that is known as DNS cache. The browser checks the name against its cache while you request a website to see if you made the same request in the past. If you have made it in the past the browser will use the IP address in the cache and not a request for a new IP address from the Domain Name Server (DNS). It helps to speed up Web browsing. If you are using an Android Smartphone there are numerous ways to clear your DNS cache.

How to Flush the DNS on Android Devices and Phones

“Flush the DNS” on Android Phones and Devices

  1. Remove your phone’s battery and replace it after 30 seconds to reboot your phone. Now it will have an empty DNS cache.
  2. Perform a soft reset. The procedure may be different to clear the cache depending on phone manufacturer. But on Android phones two methods are common. Press the “Alt”, “Shift” and “Delete” key together. Turn off the phone if happened anything. Then press the “power button” for two seconds and select Reset from the pop up menu.
  3. All the Android phone browsers have the capacity to clear the cache with the browser. Select “More” from your browser and select “Settings” then Clear Cache, after that click “OK” to finish the process.

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