How To Flash Android 4.4.2 XXUFNA5 Test ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I9505

Excitingly, Android 4.4.2 XXUFNA5 test firmware can be installed on the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I9505, however, it is estimated that the phone is going to receive official OTA update somewhere around the March end. One can install this Firmware on their Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE by following the instructions being mentioned. However, this should be done only by the advanced users who like to fiddle with their Smartphones as the process involves some risk to the phone too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I9505

Points To Remember Before Starting Installation:

  • Backup all the important phone data that can’t be afforded to lose anyway.
  • Enable USB Debugging option by going to the phone settings.
  • Ensure atleast 50% phone battery before starting the process.

Procedure For Installation:

1.      Click on the link to get XXUFNA5 test build downloaded : Link to Download.

2.      Save all the contents of this zip file onto the desktop of PC. The content is actually four distinctive files having extension ‘.tar.md5’.

3.      Click on the following link and have the Odin v3.09 downloaded. Link to Download.

4.      Switch off the phone and boot it now in ‘Download Mode’.

5.      Get ODIN 3.09 launched onto the PC.

6.      Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE to the PC through the USB cable and wait until Odin recognizes the phone so as to move to the next step. Incase Odin is unable to identify the phone, try by inserting USB cable into some other port or Samsung USB Drivers might be needed to be reinstalled.

7.      Now, come to the Odin to begin stacking Android 4.4.2 XXUFNA5 test firmware files.

  • Click on ‘AP’ first and stack file:


  • Now, click ‘BL’ and load file:


  • Then, click ‘CP’ to load this file:


  • lastly, click ‘CSC’ to load the file:


8.      Re-partition option needs to be disabled now.

9.      Select ‘start’ button and see Android 4.4.2 XXUFNA5 test ROM being installed on the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE.

10.  ODIN will show up the PASS alert after the completion of the installation process and the Galaxy S4 LTE will restart in Normal Mode. The process will take some time. So, relax for a while.

11.  When Galaxy S4 logo starts to appear, it is instructed to disconnect the device from the PC.

12.  In case any problem occurs like freezing etc. While following the process and the installation remains unfinished, it is advised to repeat the whole process once again.

13.  Remember one more thing, if ODIN gives a sign of completion of the process but the phone is not able to get started in Normal Mode, go to the ‘Factory Reset’ that will clear away the data off the phone’s system partition but not from other parts of the Galaxy S4. Follow these stages to apply the Factory reset:

  • Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Now, the phone is to be booted in Stock Recovery Mode.
  • Choose either option ‘wipe data or ‘factory reset’ and give confirmation for it.
  • Finally, the phone is to be boot up again in normal mode.

So, the installation of Android 4.4.2 XXUFNA5 Test ROM on Samsung Galaxy S4 is over and one can start enjoying its new features.

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