How to Dry out and Recover a Water Damaged iPhone 5

The optional extended AppleCare coverage and one-year Apple warranty do not cover water damage to the iPhone 5. It should be very expensive to replace the water damaged iPhone 5. There is a liquid contact indicator in each iPhone 5 that reveals if it has been wet. Only unplug your phone if it is wet while you plugged in and turn off. If you turn on a wet iPhone 5 that may cause short-circuit and never turn on again.

How to Dry out and Recover a Water Damaged iPhone 5

How to Dry out and Save a Water Damaged Apple iPhone 5

  • With a paper towel or soft cloth dry the surfaces of the iPhone 5 without pressing any buttons. And keep the iPhone 5 turned off.
  • Dry the outside surface by shaking the iPhone 5. Placed it in an absorbent cloth and to drain the water from the device turn it infrequently.
  • Place the phone in plastic zippered bad filled with rice. Leave the phone in the rice at least three days to wick some moisture from the phone.
  • Take out the phone from the bag and rice.
  • Hang up the iPhone 5 in a net near a dehumidifier. Leave it overnight.
  • Shake your phone gently till get to know no moisture in it. Then turn on the iPhone 5 if it doesn’t work properly then take it to an Apple Store or an authorized iPhone 5 dealer.
  1. Applecare+ for the iPhone will cover water damage under their ADH (Accidental Damage from Handeling) policy for a $49 fee. Applecare+ also gives you two ADH allowances. This is all in addition to their standard 2 year warranty.

  2. My IPhone 5 went to the washing machine, and 3′ after, I tooked it out.

    Doesn’t work, I dry with my hair dryer for more than two ours, now work, normaly but the screen have some spots, what I do?

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