How to Connect Android Phone or Tablet to Ad Hoc Network

It is not possible to connect Android phones and tablets to Ad Hoc by default. Here you can see and get to know how to use third party Ad Hoc enablers. Is it possible to set up your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and can you connect it with your phone? Let us see!
Connect-Android-Phone- to ad hoc network
Ad Hoc networks won’t show up search details for new wireless connections because Android won’t connect it by default. Third-party Ad Hoc enablers have many incompatibilities and known problems but it is available for Android. Try and use it or the solution given at Android tablet hacks at your own risk. To do that, install a high level technical knowledge.

It would be easier to set up your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot depends on your Smartphone’s capabilities. Then connect your laptop too.

On Samsung Galaxy S2:
open Settings then select ‘Tethering and portable hotspots’ after that, enable ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot’.

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