How to Change the Cover of a Photo Album on Facebook

Now Facebook is used all over the world. Facebook has many participants and every day he gains new members. The Facebook members still not know how to add a photo on the cover of an album of your choice. If you follow the following steps you can be able to understand that how to modify the album cover on Facebook.

How to Change the Cover of a Photo Album on facebook

Modifying the album cover on Facebook

  • First of all login to your Facebook profile. Then click on your photos.
  • Go to the album you need to change the cover. Then open it by clicking. Select the option “Edit Album”.
  • We can see a new window opens. There, you should be chosen “Edit photos”.
  • This step makes all the photos are open in that album. Find the image you want to be added as cover page. Then check the “This photo is the album cover.”
  • Click on “Save Changes”. We can see it at the bottom of the page.
  • Now the chosen photograph becomes the album cover.

Simply redo the steps you want to modify the image.

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