How to Change the Color Layout of Facebook

Facebook doesn’t allow customizing the colors and background. It means after a while by accessing your profile you should end up the visual pattern shown in the interface. If you want to solve this, we teach to use a supplement for browsers that allows you customize the display color of elements of Facebook. The extension is available to the browser on Mozilla and Google. Color My Facebook required as a prior condition for Facebook pages to change color or choose your favorite color on as you wish.

How to use 

There is no secret in the use of the Color My Facebook. If we access the extension options through the button on this item “Home”, this can see in the bottom right corner of the Facebook profile. Click this option and select the “Color My Facebook”.

The color palette is shown in the left corner. If you want to change the display color of Facebook, please select the preferred tone and click “Finished”, before finalizing the process allowing you to see the result.

Just for you

Please remember that changes made in the colors of your profile can be seen only by you. It can also be seen who installed the Color my Facebook. Otherwise it appears in the same blue used as a Zuckerberg’s social network.

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