Facebook Shortcuts or Hotkeys to Navigate Faster

We can access other areas of the Facebook via hot keys and also you can open your profile page, message and notifications. If your browser is Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, you should be using the ALT key. If your selection is Firefox use Alt + Shift key. May be you use Firefox and you want to go to the news feed on Facebook, then hold Shift and ALT keys and press 1. May be it is Chrome you want to check your messages after that hold down ALT and press 4.

Listed shortcut keys are combined with keys depending on your browser.

  • Key 1 – go to your news feed.
  • Key 2 – go to your profile.
  • Key 3 – add new friends.
  • Key 4 – go to their posts.
  • Key 5 – go to your notifications.
  • Key 6 – go to your account settings.
  • Key 7 – go to their privacy settings.
  • Key 8 – go to the Facebook page.
  • Key 9 – go to the page with the terms and policies of Facebook.
  • Key 0 – go to the help desk.
  • M key – opens the dialog box for creates a new message.

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