How to Hide Relationship Updates on Facebook

How To Change Facebook Relationship Status Without Notifying Friends

Social sharing is the main function of Facebook. Many people may be uncomfortable with some of the surplus of information that social networking releases and warning and notice that appears on your Facebook wall, when you make changes in “relationship Read more

How to Build/Create/Develop a Facebook Application

How to Build Create Develop a Facebook Application

Developing a Facebook application is not an easy task and should consider with the same or similar depth as a new website. It is the time to take your business or idea to a social networking level. We can conceptualize what you want to get or Read more

iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs, Battery Life, Price and Rumors


It’s only a few months back we saw Apple launching the iPhone 5S and 5C. Within no time, here come the queries about the successor of the iPhone 5S, which is presumed as the iPhone 6. No wonder if the world goes behind the iPhone 6. Being Apple as the Read more

iOS Maps – Apple Joins with Foursquare

iOS Maps - Apple Joins with Foursquare

Apple and Foursquare are in talk, to integrate the network data into iOS maps. The Foursquare Lab offers some local data, so the Apple is looking to use them to enhance the iOS maps app. To enhance the iOS Maps experience the Foursquare provides a number Read more

How to Turn off GPS Geo-location for iPhone Photos, Protect your Privacy

How to Turn off GPS Geo-location for iPhone Photos, Protect your Privacy

This article describes how to turn off  the GPS geo-location. The handy feature geo-location can keep track of your travel photos. It can raise privacy concerns because, if you lost your device get it to anyone. They can track you or your child by posting Read more

iPhone 5 Battery Life Problems of iOS 6.0.2

iPhone 5 Battery

If your iPhone 5 and iPad mini have Wi-Fi issues, then you can resolve it with the newly released iOS 6.0.2 update of Apple. But it may reduce the battery life of your device. If you have such battery problems with iOS 6.0.2, you can share them to a thread Read more

Top 5 Best Smartphones – December 2012 List

samsung galaxy s3 vs iphone 5 vs lumia 920

Today the mobile companies are competing each other by launching different types of phones with advanced features. Apple is the newest competitor in the smartphone market that had come with iPhone 5. That shakes the market but it doesn’t come to the level Read more

How to Disable Geotagging on Your iPhone 5

How to Disable Geotagging on Your iPhone 5

A geotag is an open source program in side an image file. With location information it allows matches date or time information from photos. This information is shown in the form of latitude and longitude. It is written in Java and it will run on most Read more

How to Use Alarm Clock on Apple iPhone 5

How to Use Alarm Clock on Apple iPhone 5

The alarm clock on the iPhone features is a wide alarm setting. It has a variety of pre-installed sounds. Do you know how to use the iPhone alarm clock? Here you can see how to use the alarm on the iPhone. Use Alarm Clock On your iPhone bring Read more

How to Create Custom Ringtones on iPhone 5

How to Create Custom Ringtones on iPhone 5

This article is about how to make ringtones from your favorite song. There are a number of features in the iPhone. You can select your favorite song from the music library to make ringtone. To make it easily and for free you can do it from any one of Read more

How To Copy or Send Multiple Photos From iPhone 5

How to Copy Send Multiple Photos on iPhone 5

Don’t know how to copy or send multiple images from iPhone 5? Doesn’t matter. Here were are to help you. Check out the tutorial and do it with the ease. This article is for those who like to send multiple photos to their friends on an iPhone. It is Read more