How to Hide Relationship Updates on Facebook

How To Change Facebook Relationship Status Without Notifying Friends

Social sharing is the main function of Facebook. Many people may be uncomfortable with some of the surplus of information that social networking releases and warning and notice that appears on your Facebook wall, when you make changes in “relationship Read more

Top 3 Antivirus for Android Mobile to High Security

Antivirus for Android Mobile

Smartphone provides an opportunity to connect friends and family through mobile applications that makes the Smartphone popular among the others. Use of these mobile applications should not be safe always. By using malwares and spywares hackers are trying Read more

How to Build/Create/Develop a Facebook Application

How to Build Create Develop a Facebook Application

Developing a Facebook application is not an easy task and should consider with the same or similar depth as a new website. It is the time to take your business or idea to a social networking level. We can conceptualize what you want to get or Read more

Sony Xperia LT29i Surface, Looks Impressive – Review

Sony Xperia LT29i Surface, Looks Impressive - Review

The Xperia LT29i surface would look like impressive. It is all glass from the front with no capacitive buttons. In its place you find on screen buttons just like the Galaxy Nexus. The back side of the phone is quite plain but appears to rubberize coating Read more

How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Easily?

How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Easily

You should learn your mobile’s unique code at first. To do that presses the following button on your phone. #06# and find out the unique code and keep it in a secured place. It will be useful to the retrieve of the mobile phone. You have witnessed Read more

Digg Released New iPhone app Version 3.0

Digg Released New iPhone app Version 3.0

The Digg iPhone contains all the features of native iPhone such as login and digging, jump to any topic, pagination, and story scrolling. This application offers a better way to share and discover Digg content. It voted some best contents to the web. Read more

Activate Facebook Messages or Chat on your Mobile

Activate Facebook Messages or Chat on your Mobile

There is an application to view your Facebook messages on your cell phone. It does not need internet access. You would get the messages of what is going on with Facebook. It will help you to know everything that’s happening on Facebook. Without causing Read more

Sony Xperia Mint LT30p Leaked and Specifications Revealed

Sony Xperia mint LT30p leaked and specifications revealed

Sony desires to go in the way of Samsung and they are thought to deliver products in every segment after the launching of Android Smartphone. The high-end Smartphones with ICS power have in the portfolio of different companies such as HTC, LG, and Samsung, Read more

Mobile Phones Health Risks and Dangers

Mobile Phones Health Risks and Dangers

In this modern society we can’t live without a mobile phone. We spend a lot of time on a cellphone. Is this cause health problem? Yes! The usage of mobile phone makes the health problem because of the radio waves that coming at the time of switched Read more

5 Ways To Repair Your Mobile Phone That Doesn’t Charge Perfectly

5 Ways To Repair Your Phone That Doesn’t Charge Perfectly

Phones have undoubtedly become more important as well as inseparable parts of our lives. It really depresses one when their phone is not working properly. Charging issues are the topmost problems with a phone that makes people suffer so much that they Read more

iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs, Battery Life, Price and Rumors


It’s only a few months back we saw Apple launching the iPhone 5S and 5C. Within no time, here come the queries about the successor of the iPhone 5S, which is presumed as the iPhone 6. No wonder if the world goes behind the iPhone 6. Being Apple as the Read more