Why the iOS 8?

ios 8

If you have an iPhone, it only makes sense to have the latest version of the operating system. The iOS 8 promises to give the people a much better experience of the Apple Handset than it already does. There are many features that will definitely attract Read more

Top 10 Alternatives to Apple iPad 3

Top 10 Alternatives to Apple iPad 3

The demand of desktop computer reduced with the arrival of the Tablets. In the view of some researchers they believe that the tablets do not have a bright future. No one likes to buy it and the demand is being reduced. The portability and usability of Read more

How to add , edit , delete and manage contacts on new iPad 2 and iPad mini

iPad 2 and iPad mini

If you have new iPad and want to get your contacts stored out, here are the steps to add and edit and delete your contacts on your iPad. Then you can stay in touch with your friends and relatives through email, Skype, iMessage, and FaceTime. How Read more

How to Control Apps Notifications Individually in iPad

How to Control Apps Notifications Individually in iPad

It is possible to download number of apps on your iPad. Those apps will throw numerous notifications in every couple of minutes. You can disable and control these notifications easily. If you want to control notification, go through the article. Steps Read more

What is the Difference Between iPad 3 and iPad 4

What is the Difference Between iPad 3 and iPad 4

iPad 3 is the third generation device of Apple. Apple’s fourth generation full-sized phone named iPad 4 will be coming soon on the market. Do you know the difference between Apple iPad 3 and iPad 4? Here we can what is the difference between the two. iPad Read more

Galaxy Tab Vs iPad 3 -Specs

The Galaxy Tab Vs iPad 3 -Specs

With the iPad 2010 and 2011, 73 percent of the tablet market has been captured by the Apple stated the Bloomberg Businessweek. The latest salvo iPad3 attract tablet users and laptop fans.  In the tablet market The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a leading Read more

Which is better Kindle Fire or Apple iPad


The device and its capabilities were not matching on the first iPad of Apple. To provide more choices to customers, manufacturers are on the tablet computer market with their own gadget. The Kindle Fire is the Amazon’s newest version of its Kindle eReader. Read more

Top 5 Most Affordable Tablet Computers in the World

Best Tablet iPad

Here are the 5 best and most affordable tablet computers rated by TechieTake editors. [Read: Top 10 Best Tablets Available – September 2012] Apple iPad This is one of the best tablets in October 2012. The main features of Apple iPad are 4G wireless Read more

How to Get Google or Gmail Contacts into your iPhone or iPad


Using the standard Gmail setup to get your Google contacts on your iPad or iPhone is not so easy. You can sync your calendar, notes and emails by signing into your Google account, but it is not possible to Google contacts. To do that follow the given Read more

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad Games – November 2012

Best 10 Best iPhone and iPad Games September 2012

Here are ten best iPhone, iPod, iPad Touch games those released in September. All these games are playable on all iOS devices unless specified. 1. Tiny Wings HD This was the iPhone game praised last year and comes in an HD version to the iPad. This Read more