6 Best Ways to Increase/Boost Your Tablet’s Battery Life

After purchased the tablet the 33 percent of laptop owners and 35 percent of desktop computer owners reduced their PC use, so all are expecting more battery life to the tablet. How to increase the tablet’s battery life? Firstly you have to turn off what you don’t use. It will improve your tablet’s battery life. And also minimize the usage of features you need.
6 Best Ways to Increase or Boost Your Tablet's Battery Life

  1. Reduce the Tablet screen’s brightness and also dim the screen. On a tablet the screen is a big power draw. But it would not make the problem for eye. In the time of photo editing you may require full brightness. That should be reduced after that editing. This will improve the battery life.
  2. The screen timeout interval should shorten. When the tablet not in use the Auto-Lock Interval shut down the screen on an iPad. If you use the tablet for short task you can extend the battery life such as checking email or sending SMS messages. You have to turn off the timeout. This will improve the battery life.
  3. You have to eliminate or reduce pings, application updates and syncs. If you use social media apps like TweetDeck, it will update all if you are not using them by default. To save power on your iPad Apple recommends email “push” settings and turning off “push notifications”.
  4. If you don’t need the Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi you have to disable them. If it is on it will reduce the power. When you are editing a photo or watching a downloaded movie use “Airplane mode”.
  5. Some apps will run in the background when we work with other programmes such as games or GPS-enabled apps. It will use more power while they are in the background. So you have to “Kill” or “Quit” any app you do not need.
  6. Dark colored wallpaper with an Organic Light Emitting Diode screen will reduce the power draw of your tablet. This method will not work with the LCD screens.

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