A New Type Rugged Android Tablet – Casio V-T500 Review

Rugged Android Tablet - Casio V-T500 Review

It is a new type rugged Android tablet it is dedicated to the business sector. It comes with a main feature, which is a dual core TI OMAP 4460 processor with the storage capacity of 1.5 GHz and 16 GB it can be expanded with MicroSD or SD. It presents Read more

Alcatel One Touch 993D Android Phone Specs, Features and Price

Alcatel One Touch 993D

The new Android Smartphone Alcatel One Touch 993D to be introduced in this Christmas by the Alcatel Philippines. It will come with 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM7227A processor and this Android Smartphone runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It Read more

Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games – December 2012

Grand Theft Auto iv

The second video game Xbox 360 has been released on MTV on May 12, 2005 and it is developed and produced for the successor and Microsoft for the Xbox. As part of the seventh generation of video game The Xbox 360 competes with the Wii of Nintendo and PlayStation Read more

Best Ways to Deactivate and Switch Gmail Accounts on Android

Best Ways to Deactivate and Switch Gmail Accounts on Android

Multiple Gmail accounts can be supported by the Gmail application for Android Smartphones at one time. Google Android was designed to work easily with Gmail. By using Google-powered email you can add a personal Gmail account, a school account, work Read more

Goopad Mini Tablet 7- Features and Details

Goopad Mini Tablet 7

The Chinese Company has announced to release GooPad Mini tablet with the Android Jelly Bean OS. This device has the 7 inch display with lots of features. It is coming into the market with the attractive price of $99. The releasing date is not fixed Read more

Xbox360 SmartGlass Review

xbox360 smartglass review

SmartGlass is an application for Xbox 360 and it is available for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, Android & Windows Server 2012. It is turn your PC into a second Xboxscreen. For Windows Phone and Android devices the Xbox SmartGlass is available Read more

Best ways to Unzip and Open Zip Files

Best ways to Unzip and Open Zip Files

Traditional files and folders are taking much more hard drive space than Zip files. It is easy to copy large files to CDs or flash drives by Zip files. You want to unzip the files to open them when you are transferring the Zip files between computers. Read more

Top 5 Best Smartphones – December 2012 List

samsung galaxy s3 vs iphone 5 vs lumia 920

Today the mobile companies are competing each other by launching different types of phones with advanced features. Apple is the newest competitor in the smartphone market that had come with iPhone 5. That shakes the market but it doesn’t come to the level Read more

BeoSmart: Android-Smartphone with Premium 

BeoSmart:Android Smartphone with Premium

We can see the market with new brands like Bang & Olufsen, and Leica in the future. Because the companies they produced a large number of products had finished the production of generic platforms Smartphones and they will be available to those Read more

New iPod Touch 5G Specifications, Review and Price

New iPod Touch 5G Specifications, Review and Price

On 12th September Apple has updated its iPod lineup with the iPhone 5 at the “Media Event”. Because, generally September is the month of iPod refresh. The iPod Touch lineup has been restored with the Apple iPod Touch 5G, the next generation iPod Read more

How to Block Your Number on iPhone

How to Block Your Number on iPhone

You may have to make calls to many persons but you don’t want to make public your identity or the number on the caller ID of the person you’re calling. Here we can see an option and easy steps to turn off the called ID on the iPhone. Your number Read more